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commenting policy

We invite comments to any of the items posted on the farm gate. By submitting a comment, the author gives permission for that comment to be posted on the website. Please remember that comments are not automatically posted. Instead, they are read and screened by the blogger first and published at his discretion. He will make reasonable accommodation for differing opinions by posting selected comments and possibly adding a summary of expressed viewpoints. Posting preferences will be given to comments that deal directly with the topic. Comments may be edited for clarity and space considerations. Items that ask for additional information specific to an individual will not be posted.

Submission of a comment requires that you include a name and email address. We only post the commenter name along with the comment on this site. Your submitted information will not be used in any other context.

Please observe the following blog etiquette:

  • Do not engage in personal attacks.
  • Do not include URLs to irrelevant web sites.
  • Do not spam.

In the case of egregious violations of site etiquette, we reserve the right to block your attempts to comment on the farm gate in the future.

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