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Another helping please

Have you noticed that grocery carts are getting larger? When you go to the food store, the carts are no longer the small chrome wire models that could hold about 3 stacked cases of soft drinks. Today’s grocery carts are mini versions of the sport utility vehicles that dominate the parking lot at the grocery store. Is that because we buy so much food, that large grocery carts are needed, and subsequently, large vehicles are needed to haul it home?

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Where is farm policy headed?

Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns has climbed onto a stool 22 times now, and listened to 68 hours of farmers and other agribusiness folks speak out on what they would like to see in the next Farm Bill. When the USDA listening sessions are complete there will have been one in each of 48 states. But will those thousands of comments mold the next farm bill, or will it be the result of forces beyond the farmgate?

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Making Nitrogen Pay for Itself

Let’s imagine, if you will, that you can either purchase anhydrous ammonia for $450 per ton this fall, or $600 next spring. While your decision leaves little to the imagination, your choice is anything but painless. However, maybe it is time to revisit your decision-making process about the application of nitrogen to corn.

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Extension Update

This time next week we will have USDA’s latest estimate of the 2005 crops. Marketing Specialist Darrel Good says in years when the Oct. report surpasses the Sept. report, the Nov. report usually adds to the production total for both corn and soybeans. There has been a slowdown in corn exports, and China has slowed its purchases of US soybeans.

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What is your soybean marketing plan?

Soybean harvest nationally reached 92% complete this past weekend and 93% across the upper Midwest. Farmers who have their combines parked for the year now have the challenge of marketing those soybeans. We are already two months into the marketing year for US beans and only four months away from the start of the South American marketing year. What should your marketing plan look like?

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